The "T" Family!

Believe it or not, I have photographed this family 8 times now!!! We get together twice a year (once for their family and then again for their extended family) And it has been 4 years since our first session! I love these 4 humans and it is always so much fun when we get together :)

The best part about being their "unofficial" family photographer, is watching the kids grow and change over the years. These 2 little sweethearts, have come to know me well. They are my "star" pupils if you will! They smile without even asking anymore. They pose without hesitation, they love the silly face photos and they are 2 of my favorite kids to work with. I just love them!

Thank you "T" Family for having me capture so many wonderful memories for you over the past few years. I can't wait til our next session! ♥