"What to wear" for your winter session!

I think the most commonly asked question when it comes to a session (especially in the winter) is "what should we wear?!". It's not always easy to pick outfits for an entire family....And it's even harder when you throw winter jackets into the mix!

They are all too often bulky and unflattering. And lets face it, kids either don't want to wear them at all or they're cold and refuse to take them off!

So here are a few tips that I have learned first hand in the past few years!

1. Before you think about WHAT to wear, think about a color scheme. Not everyone has to "match" but you should definitely coordinate! It makes for a cohesive and all around better looking image. I have worked with a few families in the past that have shown up in colours from all over the chart. Some in browns and neutrals while others are wearing purple and pink! (True story!) Make sure to pick colours that COMPLIMENT each other!

2. Once you've picked a colour scheme, now you can decide if you want your outfits to be more casual or a little dressy. Keep in mind that these are hopefully images you'll be hanging in your home for years to come. You may not want to look at those gnarly old running shoes hanging on your wall everyday, just because they are your son's favorite! Think of who you are as a family or couple and make your decision based on that ♥ Let it be a reflection of you!

3. LAYER, LAYER, LAYER! It's most likely going to be pretty cool out. I mean it is Canada! We can get pretty lucky here sometimes but for the most part, once November hits its pretty darn chilly! Pick outfits that can be layered up or down. Vests, scarves, sweaters; these can all be layered comfortably so that you can do a few shots without your jacket and not freeze your bum off! And these items are also a great way to coordinate with the rest of the people in your group!

4. Lastly, this time of year can be a beautiful winter white or like it is right now (here in Calgary) a hideous shade of brown. And I mean EVERYTHING is brown! If this is the case where you live and your session is booked before the snow has fallen, my advice to you is: don't wear brown, people! Even if you were told years ago by a great Aunt that you are an "Autumn" and brown is "YOUR COLOUR", opt out for your session! You will blend into the background and the photos will look dull and well, pretty boring.

Hope those little tips are helpful. Most of all, dress warm, comfortable and wear something you feel GOOD in! Here are a few family/couple images that are a great example of "What TO wear" to your outdoor session! xo