Calgary Wedding Photographer - Kananaskis Engagement

This summer I had the privilege of capturing some sweet moments for this beautiful couple; Colleen and Cody. They reached out to my after receiving a referral from a Wedding Client of mine. Which I have to say is always the BEST feeling! I love all of my clients, but getting referrals is hands down the best way to have a new client reach out to you!

I met with C&C out at Barrier Lake in Kananaskis. One of my favourite locations to shoot. I had my own engagement photos done there last fall. And I feel like no matter what time of year; it is always the perfect back drop!

Colleen wore a STUNNING pink dress that not only stood out against the mountains but also complimented the turquoise water perfectly! Cody wore a collared shirt and casual pants. They were both so stylish and just looked so damn good together! :)

C&C have been together for quite a few years and have a little one at home. It was evident from the moment they stepped out of their car, that they have a deep connection and love for each other. So natural and playful together. I love when clients quickly get past any nervousness they were having and just really sink into the moment. Because really; it’s all about them. All about their love.

I wish Colleen and Cody all the very best in their journey together. And I hope they have the BEST wedding this winter in Palm Springs!!! Xx