Calgary Wedding Photographer - On a Personal Note

Hello Everyone! It’s been SUCH a long time since I have been consistent in my blogging. It’s been such a long time since I took time to share my work. Other than of course the odd image on my Instagram or Facebook. And because of the lack of posting, sharing and effort that has been going into my business lately, I have certainly noticed the negative affect it has had on myself and my business growth.

I haven’t had time, IN SO LONG, to sit back and take pride in my accomplishments. To share my hard work with existing or potential clients, family or friends. I think sometimes as a introverted creative and an entrepreneur, I get easily overwhelmed and would rather take my camera out and shoot nothing, than sit at the computer and talk about myself or my work. The problem with that is that my clients, family and friends (supporters and fellow entrepreneurs) WANT to see it!

Last night I attended a wonderful event in Banff hosted by the Collaboration Team. {Nysha and Laura to be exact} There was connection with other women in business. Sharing, laughter, wine and good food. And some very important messages from some incredible speakers that really got me thinking…

What have I done lately to better myself and my business? What have I shared with my potential clients in order to get them excited about hiring me?! What new content have I shared to create excitement and “buzz”? And last but not least, what is the next step for Grey Lily? Am I living my dream exactly where I am? And if not, how can I change it?!

Let’s just say that what I ultimately realized is that there is nothing standing in the way of my dreams, except for myself! Don't get me wrong, wedding photography is the heart and soul of my business and always will be. But there are a few other things that are in my heart, (all photography related), that I have really been wanting to do. And instead of sitting back and being intimidated by the “what if’s”, I need to “RUN TOWARDS THE ROAR” as the inspiring Jessica said.

So, on a personal note; I am excited to share with you in the next little while some new “facets” of Grey Lily. I will also be posting more on my blog and making it part of my daily/weekly routine rather than once every few months!

I cant thank you enough for reading. :) I hope in some way this made you think about where you are in your own life… Maybe you’ll pick up that pen and start writing that book. Or reach out to someone who inspires you and ask them for help. Take the course. Buy the shoes!!! Haha ;) Whatever it is that sets your soul on fire and makes your dreams a reality; do it!

Melanie, Xx

Event Host: The Collaboration Team | Venue: Buffalo Mountain Lodge | Speakers: Darren Roberts Photography, Lace Brick Design (Jaclyn Lisa), Love for Lewiston (Jessica Janz), Kierra Irvine | Wolf Pack: Orange Trunk and Sweet Bloom