Editorial Shoot

Trying editorial style photography came to me after a long time friend and fellow photographer, mentioned that he thought it was right up my alley. His words were "You are so good, Melanie!Your style is very editorial and you need to start contacting some magazines!"

Coming from him, someone who has been in the industry for 20 years and is one of the most talented photographers I know; well, it was music to my ears! Hello!!! Can you imagine?! ME, being a photographer for a magazine?! That would be a dream come true. ♥

So, with that I knew it was time to start practicing. I did this impromptu editorial styled shoot on the weekend. Did a model call, lined up 4 beautiful young women (One we had to rebook due to weather) and these were the results....

I am truly happy with my first session and hope there are many more to come. This could definitely be a new avenue for me to pursue. Man I love my job ♥♥♥