Dawn and Vin Engagement Session in East Village

East Village in Calgary, specifically the area around the Simmons building, is perfect for an urban session! Dawn and Vin chose this location after a few suggestions I had sent them and I'm so glad they did!

The things I really love about this area are the old brick, the waterfront, the graffiti wall; All of these great things really complimented Dawn and Vin's personalities. And although we didn't get a chance to go for Ice Cream like they had hoped for, the shoot still turned out wonderfully!

The more photos we took, the more comfortable they both felt. And not long after the first few spots we stopped at, they were like pro's! I love it when you can see the joy in a couples eyes when you are photographing them. When you can really see just how in love they are with every laugh, every look and every touch. 

I am so excited to be capturing Dawn and Vin's big day in September. I just know it will be beautiful and I'm certain that this time, there will be Ice Cream! :)

Dawn's H&MU ~ Trinity Hair and Make Up