Lauren and Jordan ~ Summer Wedding

I use the term "Summer Wedding" lightly when I talk about this beautiful couple's big day. Now although it was on June 10th and the average temperature for early June is around +19, this day would not be so...With a HIGH of +7, sideways rain and high winds; this day was not your average day in June!

The morning began with a stop by Lauren's family home where I wasn't sure what to expect. On the way there, I was practicing my "don't worry, the rain will let up" speech. Or "rain is good luck on your wedding day, don't cry!" But when I arrived I saw no need for either of these, as all I saw was a beautifully happy bride. She wasn't stressed. She didn't care about the rain. She was simply happy to be marrying her best friend in a few short hours.

Although the rain didn't let up until about 8:00pm that day, the feeling in the room was light, joyful and full of love! These two have such a wonderful connection and their personalities really compliment one another. It is one of my favorite things as a Wedding Photographer; to really SEE a couple for who they are. What matters most to them and to capture those moments that may not always be perfect (hello mother nature, I'm talking to you!) but they are beautiful nonetheless.

The weather may have been dark and gloomy but this couple is anything but. And I wish them nothing but a lifetime of light and joyful days ahead! Here are a FEW of my favorites!

Venue: Apple Creek Golf Course